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Cover for "Knife Pony ft. Feather - Stay (Jack Grayson Remix)"


A year late, but here it is! Is it hardcore enough?

Note: Please credit Jack "Fox" Grayson, Knife Pony, and Feather when using this remix.

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I close my eyes, and I see you You hypnotize me in my dreams I can feel it in my chest, A heart that beats for two I can hear the sound of other screams And as the smoke begins to clear, The dust settles on the ground You're all I need beside me, just stay near and I am found Stay They're all around, but I don't care And they can't hurt me anymore We're in our own world now; Together we are here And our love can finally soar And as we rise up, None will dare to bring us down You're all I need beside me Just stay near and I am found Stay


This song (along with its cover and art) is available under the Reciprocal Noncommercial-Free License (which allows commercial use!).

About Commercial Use

I got a response to my inquiry about selling and profiting from remixes made with the remix pack, The YouTube comment (screenshot) indicates that this is okay.